Maitrepierre Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Maitrepierre ‘World In Progress’ Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Studio L’Étiquette

Can sustainability and recycling be more than just an accidental environmental necessity? Can repurposing be not just a way to save on materials, but also a complex aesthetic discipline? The Spring 2021 campaign from Maitrepierre answers yes to both of these questions, and does so beautifully. Aptly titled “World In Progress,” the campaign matches Alphonse Maitrepierre’s brilliant upcycled designs with beautiful multifaceted collage imagery by Studio L’Etiquette.

Taking inspiration from the Dadaist artist Hannah Hoch, whose work consisted exclusively of collage, Maitrepierre’s new collection seeks to expose the idea of creative process, but also to conceptualize the idea of collage and mix. Made entirely from recycled clothes, sheets, fabric deadstock, but also plastic bags and rubbish, the collection embodies a rethinking of luxury and its limits. The clothes are flocked with flowers in rubbish bags, each piece invites the codes of another wardrobe. Futuristic earrings go around the head, bags are deformed, the hip volumes are exaggerated to recall the volume of space rockets. Everything tends to show us an absurd, delicate, and strange world. 

While the GIF is ubiquitous across the internet, particularly within social media, it remains strangely underutilized in fashion marketing.

Especially with the rapid transition to digital formats brought on by lockdown restrictions, its unique hybridity of still and moving image seems to suggest lots of potential – so we’re tremendously excited to see Studio L’Etiquette make such great use of it here.

Still studio portraits are dressed up with surreal moving elements: blooming flowers, vintage television screens, flying birds, strange contraptions. These layers of motion follow through and expand on the collage approach, emphasizing the ideas of repurposability and sustainable futurism.

There is a strong sense of duality across all of the campaign – old and new, motion and stillness, organic and technological, darkness and light, anguish and humor – that feels very emblematic of our time. Through all this tension, the collection and its campaign offer a strong note of optimism: the waste of the past can and must be transformed into beauty for the future.

Maitrepierre Creative Director | Alphonse Maitrepierre
Creative Direction | Studio L’Étiquette
Production | Clara Smith
Assistant Photographer | Jeremy Massa
Digitech | Clara Girbal
Models | Hallya, Nini & Lera
Hair | Yumiko Hikage
Hair Assistant | Louma Coiffeuse
Makeup | Louisa Trapier, with makeup by KIKO Milano
Set Design | Felix Gesnouin