Maje, My Dog, & I Fall Ad Campaign

There is rarely any bond stronger than the love you share for your pet. In the rise of self portraiture in the digital age, Maje releases their new fall 2019 ad campaign lensed by Kristin Lee Moolman with some help of a furry friend. Utilizing the main form of self-expression, Maje’s depiction of the beloved selfie captures you, your clothing, and your beloved dog. Their “#MajeMyDogandI” campaign theme, inspired by creative director Judith Milgrom and her own dog Gyps, is cognitive of the presence the selfie holds in society today and the self (and pup) expression that accompanies it. 

The selfie has revolutionized photography today. Every second, 1,076 selfies are taken in the world (that’s a whopping 39,95 billion each year!). Some argue this is due to a narcissistic epidemic, but in reality, they are being ignorant to the fact that people are now expressing themselves in a way they never have been able to before. Identity is being shared by the second. This snapshot exhibits how one preforms and acts in their surrounding world and its importance has not gone unnoticed as multiple museums in London, Los Angeles, and Manilla have focused on the one and only art of the selfie. 

Like many of our pets, Gyps loyally loiters by Judith Milgrom’s side throughout the day, photobombing Maje pictures, and simply just exists contently being her fluffy cute self. So when it came time for Maje’s campaign, it makes total sense that it would include Maje’s and man’s best friend. Working with Milgrom and her loyal companion, photographer Kristin Lee Moolman is able to capture the self-expression of Maje’s clothing, the selfie, and Maje’s best friend. 

Maje capsizes on the universal language the selfie shares to visualize the expression their clothes wants to portray—along with the help of some cute canines. Judith Milgrom, Kristin Lee Mollman, and Maje use the voice of selfportrait and everyone’s favorite companion to show bonds within the self and the clothing that can be understood in every language—even by Maje’s best friend.

Maje Creative Director | Judith Milgrom
Photographer | Kristin Lee Moolman
Models | Lucan Gillespie, Manuela Sanchez, Maria Miguel and Crystal Zhang and Dogs: Gyps, Magik, Haiku & Haby

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