Mame Kurogouchi

Mame Kurogouchi Fall 2019 Ad Campaign

Elegance and creativity overflows from Mame Kurogouchi’s fall 2019 ad campaign. Holding significance who she is, designer Maiko Kurogouchi has incorporated her brand and its campaign with her own life stories. Lensed by Issac Lam, Mame Kurogouchi’s campaign is deeper than its beauty.

Since founding her brand in 2010, Maiko Kurogouchi has been mindfully implementing her personal aesthetic for the past eight years. She bases her clothing off of the unparalleled artisanship of Japan and tends to pay attention to the experiences of the women around her as inspiration to create her garments as rich in narrative as they are in craft.

Both Maiko Kurogouchi’s eye and personal treasures come through with the artisanal design of the images themselves. Building of the brands commitment to Japanese society, the campaign features homage to the Japanese orchid flower and tatami, the type of mat used as flooring material in the traditional Japanese-style rooms. Using both of these Japanese societal items in such a significant way is an expansion of the rich, colorful clothing of the Japan-based brand.

Maiko Kurogouchi’s and her brand’s fall 2019 campaign resonates personal and intimate emotions as she celebrates her vibrant clothes and roots.

Creative Director | Maiko Kurogouchi
Photographer | Issac Lam
Model | Yingying Zhang
Stylist | Ai Kamoshita
Hair | Winky Wong
Makeup | San Chan

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