Mango Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Glen Luchford


Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Glen Luchford

Before most feet hit the floor to begin their day they are over-informed due to a backlit screen that fits in the palm of their hand. As if launching from starting blocks with a burst of noise from news to adverts it is difficult for many to recognize they aren’t in a race, but rather floating on a rock … that rotates around the sun … with fellow rock riders for what is ultimately a short trip.

Thankfully some of our fellow travelers remind us to embrace the moment, take a breath, and recognize the beauty and people around us. Which is exactly what the house of Mango does with its stunning and warm fall 2019 campaign entitled ‘Shared Moments’ captured by lensman Glen Luchford.

The film short opens with the tone-setting line, “People want to talk about perfect timing, but I think everything is perfect in its moment. You just want to capture that.” The line has layers and maybe the strongest line of copywriting to a fashion film this season; part John Lennon, part Aristotle, and all double entendre as we play witness to beautiful moments being captured and shared as the young group wanders the Scottish countryside with nary a digital device in hand. The narrator goes on to explain that she “always believes in savoring the moments. In the end, they are the only things we have.”

The campaign is an emoting collection of savory moments as the cast including Anna Ewers, Kaya Wilkins, Mathias Lauridsen, and Rebecca Leigh Longendyke roam the Scottish highlands riding horseback, hiking, dining, and lounging by an open fireplace. Laughter, dialogue, comradery, and reflection are depicted throughout the campaign giving the viewer a sense these four are fast friends with a deep emotional bond.

Part of that connection cascades over to the viewer through Luchford’s beautiful imagery. There are plenty of photographers who capture models in natural settings, however, Luchford’s gift for storytelling and managing larger epic is matched by his wonderful sense of landscape, coloring, and tone.

The Impression admires the sentiment of the campaign, the creative thinking of the Mango team, the warmth of the cast, and the eye of Luchford. But more importantly, we appreciate the reminder to embrace the present, those around us and ‘Share Moments.’ To Mango, we say ‘Thank you for sharing yours.’

Mango Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Glen Luchford
Mango Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Glen Luchford

Agency & Creative Direction | In-House
Photographer/Director | Glen Luchford
DOP | Jack Webb
Models | Anna Ewers, Kaya Wilkins, Mathias Lauridsen & Rebecca Leigh Longendyke
Stylist | Elodie David
Hair | Anthony Turner
Makeup | Lucia Pieroni
Location | Scotland
Music | Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donavan