Mango Summer 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos


"Life In Bloom" Summer 2020 Ad Campaign

Life blooms in the latest ad campaign from Mango.

Eponymously sweet and summery, the Spanish house uses the Summer 2020 campaign as an opportunity to capture a feeling of joy and send a message of optimism to the world. This feeling of happiness and hope is aptly expressed by the film’s title, “Life in Bloom.” With photography by Cass Bird, it follows a group of friends as they enjoy each other’s company on a beautiful summer day. Effortlessly beautiful shots frame happy faces against blossoming greenery. Flowing summer dresses harmonize with the myriad colors of wildflowers. As the afternoon descends into night, the friends watch a movie together outside: projected trees echo earlier imagery as the meta-moment of a film within film universalizes the experience of togetherness, drawing the audience into this world of beauty and joy.

Considering its content, the release of the film is timed perfectly. Bird’s work exquisitely captures the feeling of hope that especially characterizes the arrival of this particular summer, transforming this cautious hopefulness into an ecstatic burst of optimism. Mango has made smart moves by giving her the freedom to explore her own sensibility and spontaneous style, and by understanding how this vision fits into the current cultural landscape. The first flower of spring is here: let us hope the summer can be this sweet.

Mango Summer 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos
Mango Summer 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Photographer | Cass Bird
Director | Manson
Models | Andreea Diaconu, Kaya Wilkins, Jill Kortleve, Oumie Jammeh, Boyd Gates, & Anders Hayward
Hair | Tamara Mcnaughton
Makeup | Chiho Omae
Set Designer | Simon Costin