Mango Fall 2020 Men's Ad Campaign Film & Photos


'City of Lights' Fall 2020 Men's Ad Campaign

Mango has released an ad campaign for menswear photographed by Nacho Alegre, featuring French actor Alain Fabien Delon filmed on location in Paris. The campaign entitled ‘City of Lights’ is a brief and breezy affair that dovetails nicely with the ad campaign for womenswear called ‘Everyday Pleasures‘ featuring model Grace Elizabeth.

At first, the campaign seems like pretty standard fare. Delon is handsome and likable, with a thoughtful, slightly brooding countenance and a cool forearm tattoo that is put on display to give the campaign a bit of edginess. Upon closer look however, it becomes clear that Delon is wandering through streets that have been cleared of other pedestrians, so no one is seen wearing unsightly facemasks. And presumably, Delon didn’t need to wear one himself because the sidewalks had been emptied prior to filming, in order to accommodate social distancing. The choice to circumnavigate the pandemic with marketing that focuses on reading and solitary walks (sometimes with the dog, sometimes not) is a smart one. The results are pleasantly contemplative, like a relaxing Sunday morning with a good book and a nice cup of coffee.

Mango Fall 2020 Men's Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Photographer | Nacho Alegre
Talent | Alain Fabien Delon
Location | Paris