Marc Jacob Spring 2018 Eyewear with Charli XCX

Marc Jacob | Spring 2018 Eyewear with Charli XCX

Gliding down the Las Vegas Strip, and unwinding at an abandon motel condominium, Charli XCX stars in a series of motion shots directed by Brendan Dacey for Marc Jacob’s Spring 2019 Sunglass Collection.

The camera travels with the British singer as she arrives, box suitcase in hand, to a retro motel dressed in an oversized orange and grey geometric printed coat with furry shoulder pads andhairy lime green floppy kitten heels that match her luggage.

Day to night, in every outfit the artist is found wearing the sunglasses. In front of a performer’s light board, or in the parking lot of theMotel’s main building thenout on the Strip at night, the eyewear is a fundamental accent to her 70’s look.

The shades empower a glamour within her and the mystery of her gaze; the camera couldn’t help but follow.

Without dialogue, the film presents a strategic way of focusing on the core of the campaign: eyewear.  Watermelon pink and teal blue tinted aviator shades not only match the one-shoulder dress and fringe wrap, completing the performer‘s helpless romantic persona but portrays a girl with a fantastical dream so bright, she keeps her shades on. Windblown looks and the sound of instrumentalbandmusic aid a dramatic lens, yet without the wide frames her look wouldn’t reach celebrity status. With fantasy this Marc Jacob’s film campaign tells a story through the allure of the female’s gaze. You can confidently see it in her eyes, she is a girl going places.

Director | Brendan Dacey
Talent | Charli XCX
Stylist |  Sally Lyndley @The Wall Group