Marine Serre Fall 2021 Campaign

Marine Serre

Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Marine Serre Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Marine Serre with Photographer Louis Baquiast

Marine Serre brings ecofuturism to the streets of modern Paris in a new campaign for Fall 2021, featuring photography by Louis Baquiast.

The launch of Marine Serre’s Fall 21 collection arrived in tandem with that of her new direct-to-consumer and storytelling website, Core, which features a brilliant layout that invites fans deeper into the story of the brand. Also launched in tandem with the site were a documentary and book charting the first three years of the brand’s history.

The campaign represents an impactful change of pace for the brand, which typically fills its campaigns with digitally augmented sci-fi worlds and cult-like characters. This time around, the new collection is modeled by friends of the brand on the streets of Paris and its surrounding suburbs. The move shows that Marine Serre is confident that each piece she designs tells its own story. Considering how carefully sourced her eco-friendly materials are – this collection is composed of 50% regenerated materials and 50% recycled fibers – and how thoughtfully the pieces are designed, she is completely right. Each piece tells a story of rebirth, and it also serves as a call to collective thought and action as we move deeper into a precarious future.

This last year has been difficult for everyone, but there is no longer any question about it, things must be done differently. We want to bring Ecofuturism to the streets.

— Marine Serre

Reinforced by the buzzing energy of their naturalistic locations, Baquiast’s photographs feel like they could have come from a family photo book. Though posed, the images feel candid, honest, and natural, as if the subjects noticed a photo was being taken of them at the last minute, and had just enough time to get ready.

Against the quotidian beauty of these backdrops, the uniqueness and futurism of the designs come even more to life. We feel as if we may be glimpsing a near future, one where a collective consciousness has regenerated our approach to fashion and community.

It may not be one of the visionary fantasy landscapes that we have come to love, but this campaign is just as strong a vision of Marine Serre’s commitment to design that matches the aesthetic with the ethical, and makes her call to reimagine how we create even more urgent.

Marine Serre Creative Director | Marine Serre
Photographer | Louis Baquiast
Models |  Sofya Chalaguina and her mother, Elena Chalaguina; Kristina De Coninck, Tatsuya Kitayama and their daughter Nina Kitayama; Kim Peers with her boyfriend Mathieu Vandekerckhove and their children Anton Vandekerckhove, Linus Strecker and Wolf Vandekerckhove; Chloe Winkel, Mouhameth Ndiaye, Mewil and her brother Axel Winkel; Tanguy Poujol with his father Alain Poujol and Sofya Chalaguina; Amalia Vairelli and her son Melchior Massin 
Stylist | Benoit Bethume
Grooming | Jenneke Croubels
Casting | William Lhoest

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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