Marine Serre Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Marine Serre

'Mind Mélange Motors' Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Marine Serre continues her exploration of surreal eco-futurism with an intoxicating new film campaign. Mysteriously entitled “Mind Mélange Motor,” the Fall/Winter 2020 campaign fuses digital and real-life elements to imagine the challenges and victories of human society in the distant future.

The film takes as its touchstone Frank Herbert’s seminal science fiction novel Dune, in which the industrial extraction of the alien psychedelic “melange” has reduced a once verdant planet to an endless desert wasteland. Despite all its extraterrestrial trappings, Dune is a deeply human plea that criticizes the environmental ravages caused to our Earth by political and industrial developments – but it also gives a message of redemption, restoration, and hope.

Serre worked with creative studio Filature to realize the campaign, which is divided into five chapters. Each chapter imagines a hospitable planet where human culture has begun to bloom, but these new societies are not without their challenges. These ecological and cultural tensions are embodied in dualistic imagery like desert and vegetation, human and machine, sun and moon. The moon motif feels especially connected to the campaign’s celebration of the creative power of woman.

The idea of cultural harmony is embodied in the film’s diverse cast and the collection’s sensitive use of various traditional garments and patterns from cultures around the Earth as we know it. While the fashion of these societies is certainly otherworldly and futuristic, it is recognizably rooted in timeless human traditions.

While we have already been blown away by the young designer and creative director’s work in the past, this campaign further solidifies Serre as one of the most exciting figures in the industry today. Already with an LVMH prize under her belt, she seems wickedly confident in her unique multi-disciplinary approach, unafraid to take bold risks and explore a creative world entirely her own. As it turns out, this surreal world may not be that different from ours, and can teach us a lot about it. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Marine Serre.

Mind Mélange Motor Movie Part 1 – Saviors

Mind Mélange Motor Movie Part 2 – Settlers

Mind Mélange Motor Movie Part 3 – Nomads

Mind Mélange Motor Movie Part 4 – Predators

Mind Mélange Motor Movie Part 5 – Witches

Marine Serre Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos
Marine Serre Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos
Marine Serre Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Marine Serre Creative Director | Marine Serre
Artistic Director | Marine Serre
Director | Filature
Agency | Filature Agency
Models | Amalia Vairelli, Hyeseon Jeong, Juliet Merie, Melchior Massin, Emma van Peteghem
Casting | William Lhoest
Hair | Quentin Lafforgue
Makeup | Lisa Michalik
Nails | Anais Cordevant
Music | Collapsing Market
Styling Assistant | Laura Charon