Marine Serre

'Amor Fati' Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Marine Serre ‘Amor Fati’ Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Directors Sacha Barbin & Ryan Doubiago & Photographer Marc Hibbert

Marine Serre takes a moment to reflect in a quiet new Spring 2021 campaign, which features direction from Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubiago with photography by Marc Hibbert.

The imagery of the campaign seems like an intentional counterpoint to the complex fantasy worlds that dominate most of the French designer’s communications. While her recent presentation “Amor Fati” used elaborate and technical visuals to tell a mysterious story of personal growth, this new campaign is a simple celebration of personality and love.

Hibbert captures his subjects – a diverse group of collaborators, friends of the brand, and their families – in black-and-white studio portraiture. They embrace each other and look steadfastly into the camera to meet our gaze, exuding a beautiful sense of both vulnerability and strength.

For as much as Marine Serre is concerned with elaborate experimentation and futurism, she is also dedicated to function. Her pieces reflect a deep concern for the practicalities of real life. This campaign feels deeply real, beautifully reminding us that the most functional asset we have in our lives is our love for ourselves and for each other.

Marine Serre Creative Director | Marine Serre
Directors | Sacha Barbin & Ryan Doubiago
Photographer | Marc Hibbert
Talents | Sevdaliza, Juliet Merie, Chloe Winkel, Amalia Vairelli & Melchior, Zana, Kristina DeConinck & Nicolas Duée, Vladimir McCrary, Turgay & Yasemine Cakli, Chihiro Niuya & Sons (Noé, Rui & Gil)
Stylist | Benoit Bethume
Hair | Ramona
Makeup | Nina Haverkamp
Mannicurist | Anais Cordevant
Casting Director | William Hoest
Music Composer | Pierre Rousseau

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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