Marine Serre

Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Marine Serre Spring 2022 Ad Campaign by Photographer Louis Baquiast with models Kim Peers, Alizée Quitman, Virgile Elana, Amalia Vairelli, Juliet Merie, Hervé Cousin, Etienne Auguste, and Adina Fohlin

Marine Serre finds cultish coolness and real community in its new campaign for Spring 2022 by photographer Louis Baquiast.

Captured at a beautiful old house in the French countryside – the same one where the collection’s film presentation that took the place of a runway show was shot – the campaign develops on the collection’s ideas of finding new meaning in the everyday. This idea is literally woven into the clothing itself, which is made almost entirely from regenerative and recycled materials, including in many cases textiles and other pieces drawn from the everyday – tablecloths, kitchen towels, headscarves, utensils.

Each image of the campaign feels like a new chapter that is based around the collection’s distinct movements of technical approach and aesthetic, and each chapter presents a new perspective on the nonhierarchical community that the eclectic and diverse cast embody.

In one image, wearing regenerated crochet and knit, all-over black and white looks with Matrix-esque sunglasses they pose around a boxy vintage car before a beautiful old garden wall. In another, they wear coats and shirts made from regenerated tea towels and embroidered linens while cooking a meal together in the kitchen. In another, they wear the collection’s recycled denim while taking part in a pastoral wine ritual.

Though Marine Serre’s self-described category of Futurewear is not as obvious in this campaign as in some of her previous campaigns, it once again confirms her as one of the most forward-thinking minds in fashion.

Innovatively crafting clothes for today out of yesterday’s materials, she looks for solutions to an uncertain and foreboding future.

This campaign finds further metaphorical meaning in the approach, intimately weaving together a community that transcends control and embraces togetherness.

Marine Serre Creative Director | Marine Serre
Photographer | Louis Baquiast
Models | Kim Peers, Alizée Quitman, Virgile Elana, Amalia Vairelli, Juliet Merie, Hervé Cousin, Etienne Auguste, and Adina Fohlin
Stylist | Benoit Bethume
Hair | Ramona Eschbach
Makeup | Janeen Witherspoon
Manicurist | Anaïs Cordevant
Casting Director | William Lhoest

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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