Marine Serre Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Marine Serre

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Marine Serre celebrates the arrival of her Spring/Summer 2020 collection with an extra-dimensional short film.

Created in collaboration with creative studio Actual Objects, the film presents an intoxicating and surreal blend of CGI and traditional film techniques. This feeling of augmented reality fits well with the film’s post-apocalyptic themes: there is a dual sense of revolution and tradition. Titled Marée Noire, which can mean an oil spill or, more figuratively, an unstoppable tide, the film is divided into four chapters, each exploring different elements of this world’s post-apocalyptic communities. These chapters are connected by the motif of pipelines, perhaps highlighting ideas of connectivity and industrialization.

The weirdness of this campaign is like a drop of rain in a desert: unexpected, refreshing, and delightful. It is unafraid to take risks, and it manages to find a strange beauty in its jerky digital animation and obscure visual symbolism. A young designer, Marine Serre burst onto the scene only very recently, but her youth is a tremendous asset: her progressive sense of creativity seems boundless, and she is confident in her artistic freedom. If this collection and campaign is anything to go off of (and it certainly is!), she gives us much to look forward to.

Marine Serre Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos
Marine Serre Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Brand Creative Director | Marine Serre
Film Director | Rick Farin & Claire Cochran
Creative Studio | Actual Objects