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By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

The new, new native.

In the ever-changing landscape of marketing a few fashion houses of late have transitioned to producers, funding others to reinterpret their brand and create buzz. Dior has done just that in ‘Enter The Game,’ a short video which was written and directed by its star, Marion Cotillard, to promote Lady Dior.

Enter The Game,’ co-directed by Eliott Bliss, sees the Oscar-winning actress reclining by the pool of a Los Angeles modernist home sporting Dior’s fall collection and proceeding to defy the laws of gravity by jumping across her pool, breaking into an elastic interpretative dance, and taking a dip.

The video, released in collaboration with i-D, is set to ‘Snapshot in LA’, a song sung by the star herself who is no stranger to singing as those who saw her 2007′s La Vie En Rose already know. Her silky vocals accompanied by a soft acoustic guitar melody were recorded by Metronomy frontman Joseph Mount and Villaine who produced the sensual new track.

In the last year we’ve seen a handful of brands from Prada to Calvin Klein turn over the brand to talented artist to help them generate buzz. There is of course a risk to sharing the brands creative development, but it is a calculated risk and one with a strong reward upside of impressions, minds-share, and ultimately sales. The Impressionist tips its hat to these trailblazers who too are looking to defy the laws of branding gravity.

Written & Directed by | Marion Cotillard, Eliott Bliss
Director of Photography | Andre Chemetoff
Model | Marion Cotillard
Choreography | Christophe Danchaud
Set Design | Muriel Gilabert, Jean Marc Faucher, Julien Astolfi
Costume | Georgia Pendlebury
Hair | Sylvain Le Hen
Make Up | Christophe Danchaud
Sound Design | Gilles Cabau
Producer | Joseph Mount

Song | ‘Snapshot in LA’ performed by Marion Cotillard
Music | Villaine
Music Producer | Joseph Mount