Mark Fast

Summer 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Mark Fast Summer 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director & Stylist Olga Yanul, Photographer Zhenya Minaeva, and Director Justin Jones

Mark Fast serves up a classic portrait of California cool with a new campaign for Summer 2021. The campaign features creative direction and styling by Olga Yanul, photography by Zhenya Minaeva, and direction by Justin Jones.

An unmistakable strain of 70’s rock and psychedelia runs throughout the Summer collection, subtly mingled with a modern streetwear edge. Captured in and around the iconic Hollywood Hills Hotel, the campaign develops this aesthetic mood by blending a cinematic 70’s Los Angeles sense of style with contemporary youth culture. The open-ended narrative follows a group of friends who come together for a freewheeling summertime adventure, from afternoon into night. With muscle cars, skateboarding, and lounging by the pool, the imagery checks all the boxes without feeling contrived or overdone.

With their film-like color grading and attention to the effects of light, Minaeva’s photographs have an especially vintage feel, conjuring the distinctly contemporary mood of nostalgia for a time one never actually experienced.

Simultaneously looking back while looking forward to new possibilities, the campaign is a fitting portrait of this summer’s emotional landscape of nostalgia and excitement.

Mark Fast Creative Director | Mark Fast
Creative Director & Stylist | Olga Yanul
Photographer | Zhenya Minaeva
Director | Justin Jones
Cinematographer | Otto Arsenault
Models | Rachel Connor, Elisa Primatic, Niko Traubman, Jack Johnson,
Hair & Makeup | Barbara Lamelza
Location | Hollywood Hills Hotel
Music | Izzy Lindqwister

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