Marni Eyewear

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

The Spring 2020 eyewear campaign from Marni finds delight in the dull.

With art direction by Armando Bruno, the social media-based campaign brings color and expression to the normally boring process of sitting in a waiting room. Set against a simple background of white walls and utilitarian furniture, the colorful clothing and oversized sunglasses pop with character. There is an exciting sense of tension between the colorful characters and their clinical surroundings, between the suggestion of summer in the sunglasses and the sterile indoor lighting, and these tensions combine interestingly with the sense of impatience characteristic of the setting. There is an emotional sense of both stillness and motion, expectation and satisfaction.

A pair of video loops make interesting use of digital manipulation to further this feeling of anticipation. Straightforward headshots are distorted so that facial features become warped and elongated, finding unique emotional expression through a new sort of body language.

Reveling in the tension of combining contrasting elements, the campaign is both unsettling and intoxicating. It offers an invitation and we accept, though we do not quite know where we are going. This beautiful ambiguity leaves a lingering emotional shift, one that is difficult to identify but difficult to ignore. With ideas this bright, it’s no wonder why Marni has to wear sunglasses inside.

Marni Creative Director | Francesco Risso
Art Direction | Armando Bruno
Models | Silvia Bonavigo, Ughy
Stylist | Riccardo Greco
Hair | Greta Ceccotti
Makeup | Greta Ceccotti

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression