Marni Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Jamie Hawkesworth

Marni | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign


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A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.


Plenty of design houses speak of their community these days and how they leverage new technologies to openly exchange with them. However, none have taken as insightful an approach as the house of Marni this season, who along with creative agency GB65, engaged an entire community to create their Fall 2016 Marni campaign asking ‘Who is Marni?’

The genius of the campaign from Creative Director Giovanni Bianco is in the twist on ‘community,’ leveraging the inhabitants of a small Western American town to speak about ‘who is Marni?’ Some treat Marni as female, others as male, some a stylish saint, others a bit of a devil. All the while each of the small town participants plucked from a timeless point off Route 66 by Midland Casting, is sporting Marni garb. They all read bohemian cool, funky, and they type one looks forward to chatting with while sitting elbow to elbow at a roadway dinner counter. Young, old, fashionable, not as fashionable, all have character. And voices that resonate with the artisanal community of Marni consumers.

This campaign blends post-modern narrative, double entendres, and striking visuals by lensman Jamie Hawkesworth. And to top it off the assets can go on for a long as the drive from Kansas City to Eldorado. A trip made all the better as it is being shared with a community.

Marni Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Jamie Hawkesworth

Marni Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Jamie Hawkesworth

Agency | GB65
Creative Director | Giovanni Bianco
Photographer | Jamie Hawkesworth
Casting | Midland Casting
Stylist | Camilla Nickerson
Hair | Jimmy Paul
Makeup  | Dick Page
Production | Sylvia Farago LTD Production