Marni Fall 2018 Fashion Show Set
Photo | IMAXtree

Marni | Fall 2018 | The Set-Up

Creative Director Francesco Risso’s theme for Marni’s Fall 2018 collection was Technoprimitivism, posing the philosophical question of ‘can our love for both technology and nature coexist?’ The answer came in a collection that blended recycled with tech and thus the set reflected the same.

The location was a delict warehouse where guest sat on an array of items including stacks of newspapers, cardboard, discarded television sets, piles of old carpet, plastic wrapped bundled of clothes, blanket piles, sandbags, stacks of form and other items that resembled a collection from a recycle center.  Models traversed a maze complete with piles of bicycle tires, old clocks, lawn statues and other knick-knacks of the flea market variety. The result was a set that was perfectly aligned with Risso’s Marni theme and the collection itself.