Massimo Dutti | Fall 2018 Men’s Ad Campaign

The rugged coast of Sweden has given us its fair share of filmmakers from director Ingmar Bergman to cinematographer Sven Nykvist. And it would appear now that the house of Massimo Dutti, via their latest campaign film entitled ‘The Island Within’ would like to add Mikael Jansson to that list.

Jansson had some help mind you from creatives Robert Lussier and Mia Forsgren, founders of Paris based Creative Agency The Style Council, who enlisted Jansson to team with them on creating Massimo Dutti’s Fall 2018 ad campaign. The trio decided to celebrate Jansson’s Swedish roots and travel to the remote island of Fårö, Sweden. An island with a population under 1,000 just north of the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea.

The island became a forth character in the film featuring models Paul Hameline, Hugo Sauzay, and Magnus Ostergaard captured by Director of Photography Hampus Nordenson. And with a coastline and tide that wasn’t built for days at a beach with a casual dip one cane see quickly why it Bergman films be what they may. In fact Ingmar Bergman lived and died on Fårö and several of his films were filmed there.

Swedish band Menke provides the title track, Moln, meaning cloud in Swedish. The mood is salty and rustic and the perfect location to set a menswear campaign complete with a weather worn house with a rich library and a window bench to lounge while contemplating the meaning of it all, thus ‘The Island Within.’

The campaign is a fresh direction for Massimo Dutti, and one we here at The Impression are delighted they turned to. Between The Style Council and Jansson the mood of the campaign and its diffused coloring captures a new narrative for men; thoughtful, deep, and with meaning. Just what Swedes films are all about.



Agency | The Style Council
Photographer/ Director | Mikael Jansson
Director of Photography | Hampus Nordenson
Models | Paul Hameline, Hugo Sauzay, Magnus Ostergaard
Stylist | Geraldine Saglio
Hair | Rudi Lewis
Makeup | Mark Carrasquillo
Movement Director | Eric Christison
Production | Mamma Team]
Music | Menke ‘Moln’ (alva noto remodel)