Massimo Dutti 'Sous Le Soleil' Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Massimo Dutti

'SOUS LE SOLEIL' Summer 2020 Ad Campaign

Massimo Dutti continues with sunny summer fun in their latest release of the ‘Sous Le Soleil’ campaign, dropped alongside a strikingly similar campaign under a different title.

With the same people backing it and shot at some of the same locations, the difference between the two is limited, but still noticeable. This short film and series of images are more laid-back, showing off the nature-focused, less formal, side of the Spring Summer collection. As opposed to being solely captured pool-side, the location shifts to a rougher, rockier backdrop for a portion of the shoot, strategically exemplifying the capabilities of the clothing and the adventurousness of the Massimo Dutti customer.

Even in the title, which translates to ‘Under the Sun,’ it’s clear that this side of the collection shows off a risk-taking, outdoorsy persona, while the alternative Spring 2020 campaign ‘New Power In,’ presents the ultimate Girl Boss. It’s a smart choice, dividing the collection in this way, as the famed brand will inevitably reach a much wider audience, all looking to feel like one (or both) of these powerful female personalities.

Photographer | Alvaro Beamud Cortes
Videographer | Remo Congia
Model | Edita Vilkeviciute
Stylist | Sissy Vian