Massimo Dutti Studio

Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Massimo Dutti Studio Spring 2022 Ad Campaign by Photographer Robin Galiegue with
Art Directors Ezra Petronio and Lana Petrusevych with model Fran Summers

Massimo Dutti launches its Studio collection with a crisp and elegant new campaign for Spring 2022. The campaign features art direction by Ezra Petronio and Lana Petrusevych and photography by Robin Galiegue.

Fran Summers models the brand’s new Studio collection, which distills and pushes the brand’s essence of accessible luxury into a more formal territory, with pure shapes and striking colors. Capturing her in both color and black-and-white against simple yet bold backdrops, Galiegue draws out the evocative feminine power of the pieces.

The accompanying short film smartly repurposes this photographic imagery, blending the still portraits and footage of the shoot into a video collage that feels like an elegant and cool moving moodboard.

Photographer | Robin Galiegue
Art Direction | Ezra Petronio and Lana Petrusevych
Model | Fran Summers
Stylist | Elodie David Touboul
Hair | Pawel Solis
Makeup | Karim Rahman
Casting Director | Julia Lange

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