Max Mara in A Coat Tale

Max Mara Tells a Magical Story in | “A Coat Tale”

Treasure of the Heart is the Most Powerful Magic of All according to Max Mara in “A Coat Tale”


Do you believe in magic? Max Mara does, as the house shares “A Coat Tale,” told by Anna Baryshnikov, a story of a woman named Clarissa and how she found the most powerful magic of all; the treasure of the heart.

Played by Hanna Ferguson, Clarissa spreads her magic with her iconic Max Mara coats on. She would walk daily, regardless of the season or weather and she would just put on one of her many coats. On one of her walks one fall morning, she is almost mowed over by a woman named Morgana, play by Leila Yavari, and all Clarissa could simply do was mutter, “Have a nice day.” As the story unfolds, Clarissa’s belief in magic is tested when Morgana continues walking into her. How she handles it is what ultimately makes the difference by the end of the tale.

With these coats, Max Mara restores faith that people can be rich in their hearts, regardless of hardships, and that nothing makes you too busy to not extend kindness to everyone in your path. While humbling, with constant reaching out for this recognition but not receiving it, Clarissa teaches that one should always have a good heart and returned kindness will follow.



Narrator | Anna Baryshnikov
Clarissa | Hanna Ferguso
Morgana | Leila Yavari
Creative Movement Director | Stephen Galloway
Concept & Writer | Tracy Doyle