Max Mara The Cube

Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Max Mara The Cube Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer Tierney Gearon

Max Mara The Cube released their Spring 2021 Ad Campaign with the help of Creative Director Ian Griffiths and Photographer Tierney Gearon.

Max Mara The Cube is an integrated system of outerwear and accessories that has been around the “block” a few times. The project — which was first released in 2008 — boasts a clear-cut identity, which is further accentuated by the unmistakable “Cube” packaging.

What I do when I take photos is I live in the moment. I create situations where something interesting will happen, and by allowing everyone to be part of the creativity you get spontaneous moments.

— Tierney Gearon, Photographer

Malibu-based artist Tierney Gearon drew inspiration from her Californian surroundings for her second photographic project dedicated to Max Mara The Cube. Gearon follows a “live in the moment” principle in her shots, in which she creates spontaneous moments that allow everyone to get involved and waits for something unexpected to happen.

Max Mara Creative Director | Ian Griffiths
Photographer | Tierney Gearon
Location | California