MCM Announces Holiday 2021 Ad Campaign


Festive Campaign Features New ‘Cubic Monogram’

German luxury fashion house MCM wants to celebrate “together”. The brand’s Festive 2021 campaign entitled ‘Together for the Holidays‘ features a diverse group of global creators – including digital superstar and entrepreneur Josh Richards, actress Savannah Lee Smith, and Japanese-American model Mona Matsuoka – gathered for a fête of playful celebration. The digital campaign fuses “lightheartedness with an optimistic energy” with the intention of showcasing the power of human connection and shared experiences.

Together for the Holidays celebrates the interconnectivity of our tribe through a diverse cast of talent, united by a common attitude and state of mind. The mood is uplifting and optimistic, inspiring our tribe to co-create their personal new normal. With this campaign MCM embraces unity and invites everyone to get excited about the possibilities of a new year ahead.”

— Dirk Schönberger, MCM Global Creative Officer

Additionally, MCM is celebrating 45 years of globally infused heritage through the unveiling of a fresh logo: the ‘Cubic Monogram’ which appears in the Festive campaign alongside global talent. The new insignia was conceptualized and designed by the brand’s Global Creative Officer, Dirk Schönberger, who offers a new interpretation of the brand’s house code with a dimensional aesthetic that is different than anything the brand has produced before. The design displays an optical illusion, blurring the lines between beginning and end. Cubic Monogram serves as the focal point for the Festive campaign, with all the campaign’s talent donning variations of the pattern in an array of colorways, textures, and materials.

The collection will be available in stores and online starting on November 2nd, 2021.

Photographer | Torso
Stylist | Ian Bradley 
Talent | Josh Richards, Savannah Smith, and Mona Matsuoka