MCM Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Lea Colombo and Doug Lloyd

Her “ocean eyes” have rocked the world once again as the singer-songwriter Billie Eilish takes a new turn to modeling. After fronting Calvin Klein’s jeans and underwear campaign, the 17-year-old musician is now featured in MCM’s fall 2019 ad campaign.

Dirk Schonberger, in his first campaign as the brand’s creative director, is especially excited about the brand’s new face. Billie speaks to the now generation. Her style and attitude has transmitted to disruption to uniforming in today’s society. Now featured in label’s signature print and having incorporated her signature bulky style, Eilish is still able to stand out with her own personality, using the MCM clothing to accent it. 

This campaign, photographed by Lea Colombo, and art directed by Doug Lloyd of Lloyd & Co., is one of movement and disconnected repetition. This translates to the disruption of uniformity Eilish has held true to throughout her career. Her “bad guy” attitude puts on a “lovely” campaign for the MCM brand.

The art direction, especially in the accompanying brand film is sublime. Hitting nostalgic notes of Kodachrome meets primary colors giving the brand a youthful street vibe. A wise move by Lloyd. Additionally, the styling by Jay Massacret helps give the house a more holistic look expanding upon the narrative of simply handbags and small accessories. Lloyd has tremendous experience in partnering with strong designers and The Impression hopes this is just the “beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

MCM Creative Director | Dirk Schönberger
Agency | Lloyd & Co.
Creative Director | Doug Lloyd
Photographer | Lea Colombo
Talent | Billie Eilish
Stylist | Jay Massacret
Music | Bury a Friend by Billie Eilish

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