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Michael Kors invites Blake Lively for the Fourth Installment of Glamour Games, Featuring a New ‘Fact or Fiction’ Category


Michael Kors’ Glamour Games returns with its newest guest Blake Lively, and the question remains, will Kors finally score a victory? Not if Lively can help it—the actress proclaims that she “really likes winning.”

The fashion designer and mogul shook things up with a new ‘Fact or Fiction’ category to keep the game exciting, new, competitive, and revealing. In Glamour Games 4, the audience discovers fun facts about Kors’ career and his family, including the time he designed bodysuits for men and what his company was almost named.

This installment also reveals whether or not Lively is a natural redhead, if her family had a dog named 405, or if her husband played the Marvin Gaye classic “Let’s Get it On” when she was in labor (that question is kind of a given considering her beau Ryan Reynolds plays goofball superhero Deadpool).

Glamour Games 4 is a far cry away from past installments that revealed favorite songs and favorite pop artists through charades and Pictionary, but it still captures Kors’ undeniable charisma and on-screen chemistry with Hollywood actresses and the fashion industry’s top models. This episode also adds an element of shock value to the fun and hilarious series.

Will Kors’ finally emerge victorious? See for yourself, and also guess all of Kors’ statements to see how well you know the man behind the brand.