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Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign

Review of Michael Kors Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign by Director Shruti Ganguly with Bella Hadid, Mayowa Nicholas, Salomon Diaz and Michael Kors

Come behind the curtains of Michael Kors bustling photoshoot as the cast and crew of their Holiday 2020 ad campaign answer the question, “What Makes a Star?” From energy to big dreams to glamour and attitude, watch the video to see what Bella Hadid, Mayowa Nicholas, Salomon Diaz, and Michael Kors have to say. Directed by Shruti Ganguly, the Holiday 2020 ad campaign radiates joy and holiday cheer. The campaign stars are seen in Michael’s favorite must-have gifts of the season.

Kors addresses one of fashion greatest challenges head-on in the piece, showcasing a bundle of product within a short time span. Borrowing from a page of Sacai’s August men’s show Kors and Ganguly draw the viewer in with a peek behind-the-scenes at a photoshoot as if it was all done in one take.

Ganguly takes it to the next level by adding in dialogue in a piece that pulls the watcher into the atmosphere of stardom. From the beginning, we see a stagehand walking across Hadid’s path carrying two large sparkling gold stars. The camera is wobbling and refocusing, trying to follow the models preparing and the set pieces moving. Camera shutters are clicking in the background. All this is happening in the name of reflecting the organized chaos that inevitably graces the backstage of every show. The vivid colors and metallic themes of this season’s pieces go even further to evoke celestial thoughts.

The film does a brilliant job showing off many different bags, dresses, jackets, and accessories without it feeling forced. The story comes first, but the product is always in the background. A diverse cast of models and stage hands are present, doing their jobs while taking a passing moment to answer the question, “what makes a star?”

The film ends with Hadid opening a beautifully wrapped handbag and asking Kors, “So what do you think makes a star?” to which he responds, “I think it’s the people who light up your life” while holding out a box gift wrapped in dazzling red wrapping paper–which by the way mimics some of the fabrics used in his collection–and a red bow.

Ending the film with Kors’ sentimentality grounds the watchers in their everyday lives, and asks them to consider the stars around them.

This invitation to reflect is immediately followed by the reminder that presents, especially presents from Michael Kors, are a great way to show gratitude to our stars.

Michael Kors Creative Director | Michael Kors
Director | Shruti Ganguly
Talent | Bella Hadid, Mayowa Nicholas, Salomon Diaz and Michael Kors