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Michael Kors takes the ‘follow up video’ to new heights

By Kenneth Richard

The Impression has a lot of love for the Michael Kors camp. First, Michael makes the most complex of designs look simple, effortless, and chic which is a testament to his design acumen. But the team also does the same with their marketing and all with a sense of humor as exampled by their recent follow-up video campaign to promote their Jet Set 6 Collection.

The collection, which was introduced in spring, is a capsule of 6 pairs of shoes designed for those looking to rack up frequent flyer miles or even those that don’t. To promote their Fall update, the team took to Paris with model Lily Aldridge to play the role of Parisian tourist traveling alone and taking selfies all while wearing the Jet Set 6 Collection. Thus video 1:

And while the first video was nice, it is the follow-up that really caught our attention as rather than come back with more of Paris or another destination, the house was wise enough to capture a blooper reel. Of course it isn’t a true blooper reel in that it is scripted, but the fact that they decided to inject humor into their work is what is so charming about the house. Michael Kors isn’t afraid to smile, and the house isn’t afraid to help others to do so either.