Michael Kors Launches Wonderlust Fragrance Campaign by The Style Council

Michael Kors

Launches Wonderlust Fragrance Campaign by The Style Council

The drowning current of everyday life transcends many into the desire and passion to an escape. Often, we can find the treacherous waves of reality constantly pulling us towards an effervescent pool of daydream—or one may even say, “wonderlust.” In Michael Kors new fragrance ad campaign, directed by the innovative and gifted Robert Lussier and Mia Forsgren from The Style Council and lensed by the artistic pair Inez & Vinoodh, the 80’s television phenomenon “Fantasy Island” inspired set takes Gigi Hadid and the onlooker into a frothing for frolicking in ocean waves and a blissful transportation of freedom, fantasy, and sea foam.

Creative giants in the advertisement of beauty and fashion, The Style Council’s founders Robert Lussier and Mia Forsgren have imagined a glimpse of escapism for the world. Capitalizing on coordinated coral colors, Lussier and Forsgren conduct Gigi Hadid as she stumbles upon an isolated beach to find herself in a fantastical world of Victrola record players, conch shell telephones, and a grand bottle of Michael Kors Wonderlust fragrance who’s juice compliments her coral outfits to a tee. The artistic additive of a cohesive coral tonal campaign fancies the idea that Michael Kors themselves bottled the same coral colored sand and sunset waters into a fragrance that can be sprayed into your own life.

We were inspired by the 1980’s TV series Fantasy Island, where every Saturday night you could escape for an hour, to a tropical island and live out your private fantasy. Everyone needs an escape from daily life and reality. Gigi Hadid stars in several fashionable vignettes, over-the-top “escapisms” that takes us away. In just one spray of Wonderlust fragrance, you can lose yourself.  It’s your Fantasy Island in a bottle. Inez and Vinoodh were a perfect choice, giving the modern edge of today with a fashion twist.

– Robert Lussier & Mia Forsgren | The Style Council

Going beyond reality, the Style Council’s Michael Kors campaign is paired with the dreamy “Beyond the Sea” composition placing Gigi and us into a world that goes beyond what you can see, but rather based on what you feel. Robert Lussier and Mia Forsgren have rerecorded the beloved french melody with an ukulele and a voice similar to Gigi’s, creating a personal anthem for her escape. And from Gigi’s expression, this escape is pure joy. The Wonderlust fragrance campaign sparks inkling for escapism through emotion and inspiration, creating an ingenious visual ad for something usually sold based on scent. Robert Lussier and Mia Forsgren shine in the incorporation of themes of coral and a catapult beyond the restraints of reality.

In the Michael Kors fragrance campaign of “Wonderlust,”Robert Lussier and Mia Forsgren transport all to a place of delivered desires and no responsibilities . As Gigi unplugs from the busy and complicated modern age, we ache for the spritz of transportation to technology-free floating waters, sunset swims, carefree skips on coral shores, and the ultimate emersion into true wonder.

Michael Kors Creative Director | Michael Kors
Agency | The Style Council
Creative Directors | Robert Lussier & Mia Forsgren
Photographers | Inez & Vinoodh
Model | Gigi Hadid
Stylist | Paul Cavaco
Hair | Ward
Makeup | Dick page
Set Designer | Jill Nichols
Music | ‘Beyond The Sea’ written by Charles Trenet

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