Michael Kors 'One Woman Show' Summer 2020 Ad Campaign with Bella Hadid Film & Photos

MICHAEL Michael Kors

'One Woman Show' Summer 2020 Ad Campaign with Bella Hadid

Ready-to-wear and accessories from the MICHAEL Michael Kors Summer 2020 collection receives expert styling and photography from none other than… Bella Hadid!

Trapped on a desert island, Hadid gets Robinson Crusoe AF! With the help of two parrots and her trusty “Carmen” bag, she executes all aspects of this ad campaign, from a hand-rigged photoshoot to security detail. She even does the catering, in the form of freshly caught sushi!

Okay true confession, Bella Hadid really just pretended to do all of these things. Also, she was not really on a deserted island, as the campaign was shot on a beach in the Dominican Republic. But with this ad campaign, Michael Kors has delivered a frivolously entertaining short film, which cleverly captures Hadid’s star quality and seemingly endless charisma. While many “supermodels” look flawless in still photography and on the runway, few can pull off a short film on their own without a musical soundtrack laid over the top, or elaborate constructions by a skilled movement director. Hadid on the other hand is naturally engaging even when speaking and acting are required.

Like many ad campaign videos that were filmed before the pandemic’s global shut-down, the general tone is self-referential and campy. However, over the past couple of months, fashion marketing has by necessity taken a turn towards more serious matters…and that is precisely what makes this campaign feel refreshing. It makes one realize that a silly, guilt-free, escapist fantasy is sort of a rare treat these days. So enjoy it while you can…because it may be a while before another one comes floating our way!

Michael Kors Creative Director | Michael Kors
Model | Bella Hadid
Location | Dominican Republic