MICHAEL Michael Kors Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

MICHAEL Michael Kors

Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

In the course of the last two seasons, Michael Kors and company have been moving at jet-speed, closing on acquiring a little niche European brand valued at $2.1 billion named Versace, changing the name of the parent company to Capri Holdings, all while simultaneously revamping Michael Kors Collection and Michael Michael Kors marketing message.

This season the collection messaging continues with travel, however, after having been in some form of private transportation for over a decade now, we are happy to report that the Michael Kors Collection protagonist thankfully has reached a destination long enough to unpack and enjoy it.

Which leads us to America’s strongest tiered brand, Michael Michael Kors, and if that story would remain tethered to the collection or finally able to break free for its own adventures.

To which Michael Kors has sharply declared:

Jet set is more than a lifestyle, it’s a mood and an attitude.

– Michael Kors

That attitude is conveyed in the freshest Michael Michael Kors campaign in a decade involving model Bella Hadid and a crew of other stunners ‘jumping for joy’ in the campaign lensed by David Sims and art directed by Paris based agency, The Style Council.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

“Bella Hadid is the quintessential modern jet-setter,” says Michael Kors. “She is plugged-in, adventurous and on the go 24/7.”  A truism if one were to redeem her Skymiles, as Hadid is indeed a frequent flyer who is in demand wherever fashion lives.

For our first campaign for Michael Michael Kors, we wanted to start with a white canvas and celebrate the concept of ‘jet set’ in a fresh new modern way: thru movement, energy, and optimism.

– The Style Council

To go with the new mood, the firm has designed a dynamic new graphic logo giving ‘Michael’ room to breath up top with a powerful MK in the center. The ‘MK Charm logo’ is whip-smart, with a modern sensibility that is aligned with the offering as Michael Michael Kors is very graphic, bold, and intelligent. The updated logo is the perfect unifier for the campaign and allows the brand to be quickly identified in this overcrowded digital age.

The Style Council leverages the icon in fresh ways too; off-centering it almost as if an official stamp, or stamp of approval, threading through it as it blows up in the open scene from the season’s campaign film. It is a new design tool in the hands of a designer and team that are master builders. Couple that with the building skills of The Style Council and we see a bright future for it and look for others to copycat quickly.

Accessories get their due here too looking powerful, fresh, and desirable. One the product is strong, but two, the round element of the MK Charm logo enhances the eyewear, timepieces, and leathergoods as they are in motion. After all, when you think about it, the wheel put it all in motion, enabling jet-setters to jet, and we can’t wait to see where those wheels take Micahel Micahel Kors too next.

Michael Kors Creative Director | Michael Kors
Agency | The Style Council
Creative Directors | Robert Lussier & Mia Forsgren
Photographer | David Sims
Models | Bella Hadid, Don Lee, Luna Bijl, Mayowa Nicholas, Piero Mendez, Sohyun Jung, Timo Baumann, & Zhengyang Zhang
Stylist | Paul Cavaco
Hair | Duffy
Makeup | Lucia Pieroni
Manicurist | Yuko Tsuchihashi
Production | North Six
Music | Move Ya Body by Nina Sky