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Louis Vuitton Keeps it Simple with Michelle Williams in 2017 Eyewear Campaign


Louis Vuitton released a new eyewear campaign headlined by a short video showcasing the new collection. The 30-second film is directed by Gordon von Steiner and stars the stunning actress Michelle Williams who has received widespread acclaim for her roles in films such as Blue Valentine and Manchester by the Sea.

The film is fairly straightforward and simple but very well executed, featuring rapidly edited close up shots of Williams donning and playing with a selection of sunglasses from the new collection. The aesthetic of the film is further accentuated by some abstract narration from Williams and a sparse, percussion heavy soundtrack courtesy of Jon Kennedy. Williams flaunts and poses with her sunglasses while describing things such as “sunrise,” “a clearing,” and “a kiss” creating an artsy but fun and playful air.

The film is an effortless showcase of the new eyewear collection, while also featuring some nice little details making the film more complex than it initially appears. The direction and cut together editing is stellar and Williams is at her most beautiful and seductive in another role that she absolutely nails. As usual Louis Vuitton shows themselves to be at the forefront of artistic and interesting marketing and advertising with another solid campaign.



Director | Gordon von Steiner
Model | Michelle Williams
Stylist | Kate Young
Producer | Kelly Mcgee
Set Designer | Daniel Graff
Hair | Chris McMillan
Makeup | Angela Levin