Miguel Vieira

Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Victor Hugo

After 25 years of designing elegant and luxuries garments, Miguel Viera’s Men’s Fall 2019 ad campaign breaks ground once again. Our fantastic-four cast of male models are set in what could be a construction site or even a rocky terrain. The set makes the fashion and the models cool, giving them a punk and an edge mystique.

To our pleasant bewilderment, a dark photo background becomes an added element to the set. It becomes a prop, rather than being the backdrop of the shoot itself. The prop bleeds from on to off of the frame, and breaks the so-called imaginary fourth wall that separates the models from us, the viewers. We see you, Miguel Vieira. 

Miguel Vieira Creative Director | Miguel Vieira
Photographer | Victor Hugo
Models | Daniel Jesus, Joao Dias, Gabriel Dias, Elísio Mendes
Stylist | Atelier Miguel Vieira
Grooming | Teresa Tribuzi

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