Milly Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Sagmeister & Walsh

Milly | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

It is necessary in these times to remind our peers to be compassionate and to practice love and togetherness. The message seems timely given our current political climate, but these times are a reminder that the world could always be better, and we could and should be better citizens for our families, friends and peers. Milly has shared this message quite often over the past two years and once again shares its message of inclusivity and togetherness for its Fall 2018 campaign.

Creative Director Michelle Smith tapped frequent collaborators Sagmeister & Walsh to create the colorful and vibrant ‘Millychromatic’ campaign that celebrates the beautiful colors of the world. The New York City-based label went literal about the colors, casting women of different ethnic backgrounds and styling them in monochromatic outfits to illustrate our stark differences in appearance.

Milly Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Sagmeister & Walsh


Two photos show the models sitting in bold colored outfits in corresponding colored sections that repeat, and in another photo sitting closer together with held hands. Art Director Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh uses a duplication trick from the Fall/Winter 2017 campaign in these photos to multiply the six models as the photo stretches. The final photo gives a better look at the models, who squeeze into the frame in a subtle embrace.

“I am a lover of colors. Each color has its own power and meaning; when we wear a color, we vibrate its unique qualities,” said Smith.

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We wanted to showcase that everyone is welcome at Milly through our diverse casting and the creative direction of the campaign. I am always inspired by what is happening around me and through Milly we are continuing to champion our belief in equality and inclusiveness.


Milly stepped away from the inclusivity narrative for the Spring/Summer 2018 campaign, which was shot in a grocery store, but the label has been consistent in its messaging in these two years. In 2017, we saw the ‘Love Knot’ and ‘#EqualityForAll’ campaigns, which both shared messages of connectedness, togetherness, and self-love.

The label’s decision to go back to its message of togetherness for the Fall/Winter 2018 campaign further strengthens its branding. Fans of the brand and those unaware of the label will have a better idea of what Milly stands for beyond the clothing, and will also be reminded that we should embrace our individuality and be more accepting of the differences of others. The message is certainly timely, but the practice will help make a better world a reality, and it may look like Milly’s colorful world as a result.

Milly Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Sagmeister & Walsh

Milly Creative Director | Michelle Smith
Agency | Sagmeister & Walsh
Art Director | Jessica Walsh
Photographer | Henry Hargreaves
Models | Amy Black, Dominique Castelano, Julia Cordova, Melissa Martinez, Nya Kong, Rasika Navare  
Stylist | Xina Giatas
Hair | Gregory Alan
Makeup | Anastasia Durasova