Miu Miu | ‘More’ Holiday Campaign

Miu Miu has embraced the spirit of consumption with their most recent holiday advert directed by Gordon von Steiner entitled ‘Miu Miu More.’

The film, set to 70s disco hit ‘More, More, More‘ by Andrea True Connection, opens with Elle Fanning fawning over a metallic stiletto, drifting into a daydream to pronounce “More.” What follows is a disco parade of holiday giftables accompanied by models Eniola Abioro, Olivia Anakwa, Olivia Forte, Lucan Gillespie and Oumie Jammeh. Fanning periodically chimes in to pronounce “More” as if she is a disciple of Veruca Salt. The piece feels enamored by product, and out of tune with the times.

This film, and the last several campaigns created by Katie Grand, are strong examples of style over substance with product at the core and little narrative around them. Style the house has in spades, meaning beyond that of consumption, not so much.

The vision of Katie Grand & Gordon von Steiner is wonderful, but it differs from that of a creative agency who understands how to embed brand equity via storytelling rather than simply make strong catalog-like narratives. That same skill set may have raised their hand in this pitch meeting about a holiday film that celebrates nothing ‘more’ than consumption. And taken a cue from the name of the songs creator, to figure out how to make a true connection. Because ‘more’ can mean a lot of things while still moving a lot of things.


Director | Gordon von Steiner
Talent | Elle Fanning
Model | Eniola Abioro, Olivia Anakwa, Olivia Forte, Lucan Gillespie and Oumie Jammeh.
Music | ‘More, More, More‘ by Andrea True Connection