Miu Miu Spring 2019 Film Campaign - Somewhere, Nowhere

Miu Miu

Spring 2019 Film Campaign - Somewhere, Nowhere

Miu Miu’s Spring 2019 campaign film, entitled Somewhere, Nowhere, taps into the brands’ cool, feminine heritage while embracing the moment and exuding girl power in all its glory.

Featuring a super edgy girl-gang cast, Miu Miu brings in actress Juliette Lewis to lead the rest of the pack of models and dancers including Zazie Beetz, Maya Hawke, Du Juan, Sasha Kynsh, Lola Leon, Anna Rubin, Hannah Shakespeare and Kay Smesters. The film, directed by Douglas Hart and Steve Mackey of Call This Number, embodies women’s empowerment and explores the depths of the rising female collective. This story’s narrative paints an abstract picture showcasing the power, determination and unique qualities of a woman through fierce expressions of freedom, self-discovery, and solidarity.

The campaign ties into the print campaign by David Sims, and plays off of stylistic details and symbolism that portray the viewpoint that the future is female. That the end of society’s male-dominated hierarchy is near, proving that we all have an equal opportunity to create our own identities. By example, the films’ entirely-female cast took over a habitually all-male barber shop, using their freedom to confidently reinvent their own style, while simultaneously supporting each other’s’ unique sense of self. The film’s red and neon lights flashing as the women strut the late-night Brooklyn streets, portray female confidence and control. And it’s alternative rock music portrays power and unity, while the barber shop takeover represents a break in the gender mold, enabling equality and freedom for all of us. The girls’ scissor-like hand gestures (a play on Rock-paper-scissors), along with the actual cutting of their hair, symbolize cutting ties to their past and taking advantage of a brand-new season to evolve and continue to be creative with who they want to be. 

These powerful Miu Miu girls stood together as a sisterhood, and successfully took over the archetype of a male-dominated atmosphere.. one which mirrors Miu Miu’s identity which celebrates modern femininity, friendship, and non-conformist attitudes.

Directors | Call This Number – Douglas Hart and Steve Mackey
Creative Director/Stylist | Katie Grand
Talent |Zazie Beetz, Maya Hawke, Du Juan, Lola Leon, Juliette Lewis, Sasha Kynsh, Anna Rubin, Hannah Shakespeare, Kay Smesters
Music | ‘Vaseline’ by Elastica