Miu Miu Summer Dreaming Film by Ophelie Rondeau

Miu Miu | Summer Dreaming Film

In a film campaign by Ophelie Rondeau, titled after the Spring 2018 Collection, “Miu Miu Summer Dreaming,Miu Miu employs the French Rivera as the vision to excite its audience over their new collection. Ruffled crop tops and bell leg trousers, chambray and picnic stripped dresses direct a sentiment for vacation uniform.

With summer in their hearts, three friends grapple over cabin fever for some warm weathered fun. Outside of their home, a washed out concrete building, an abandoned poolside and basil colored foliage are sights of a sadden summer day hampered by the rain. Their homeis graceful inside and out, just made dim by the rain. Inside, dreams for the French ocean harbor, lavender fields and colorful old town, run rampant.This enchanting setting allows for the elegant fashion to carry the narrative of the story.

The camera turns to a fogged window, where a younggirl doodles the sun, as she and her two friends yearn for summer. The three girlfriends stuck in their rooms ona rainy day scheme to meet over their walkie-talkies. Dreams do come true, and everything comes to life when the sun begins to shine. In the afternoon sun they gather in matching off the shoulder blue and white striped dresses, communed over Scrabble and The Name Game. Mission accomplished. They sneakfrom their roomsto keep their hope for some summer fun alive.

Their costumes, Miu Miu petite faux woven leather and wicker bags, studded suede skirt with fringe, Chemisier dress and wideleg Drill Trousers outfitted to a navy and white check tie back top communicates a day dream for summers in the European oasis. Matched to this storyline, Miu Miu inspires us to muse over the fashions for the fantastical summer vacations that await.


Miu Miu Creative Diretor | Miuccia Prada
Photographer/Director | Ophelie Rondeau
Models | Giselle Norman, Pasha Harulia
Stylist | Elena Bellini
Hair | Alessandro Rebecchi
Makeup | Seiko Nishigori