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Hear What Miu Miu is Whispering About with the Fanning Sisters, Sadie Sink, Chloë Sevigny, & Julia Garner


Throughout the year we do not have much time to come together with family and friends to share everything happening in our lives. So once the holiday season arrives, everyone is all ears to hear what has to be shared, even the things that have to whispered.

Mui Mui’s 2017 holiday film brings Dakota and Elle Fanning, Sadie Sink, Chloë Sevigny, and Julia Garner together as share their feelings with one another in a conversation that is full of familiarities and surprises. To us as viewers the conversation is choppy, and we have little understanding of what is going on.Those caught whispers by other people turn into different stories throughout the night. That loss of context though is exactly where we find understanding and are reminded of those whispered times we’ve had during the festivities.

So, during this holiday season, these rare occasions of talking, or whispering should be spent through the thoughtfulness of exchanging gifts, just as much as whispering secrets.