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Model Moments, Jegor Venned – The Impression Talks to the Talent in Front of the Lens

Name | Jegor Venned
Agency | Elite & Wilhelmina
Age | 19
Height | 6’2
Hometown | Miðvágur, Faroe Islands

If you weren’t modeling, what career would you pursue?
I always loved art, music, and fashion, so I feel like I would most definitely do something “creative”.

What are your guilty food pleasures?
About food I don’t know, I like everything. American BBQ is just on another level!

What do you carry with you at all times during fashion week?
I don’t carry around a lot of stuff. Just portfolio and phone.

What is your go to Off-Duty style?
I don’t have any specific go-to outfit. All depends on the mood and the weather. But cozy and baggy or just all black and clean.

What would be your advice to models walking the runway for the first time?
Just walk it…

What kind of impression do you want to make?
That’s a good question. Never really think about that, I’ll just do me, be me, and if people fuck with it cool, if not well then too bad for them, I’m awesome.


Images Courtesy of Wilhelmina