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Model Moments, Zach Troost – The Impression Talks to the Talent in Front of the Lens

Name | Zach Troost
Agency | NYMM
Age | 23
Height | 6’2″
Hometown |  Branchville, NJ

If you weren’t modeling, what career would you pursue?
I would honestly try to pursue a career in music in some way or another. It has always been my true passion.

What are your guilty food pleasures?
Sushi… lots and lots of sushi.

What do you carry with you at all times during fashion week?
I always make sure to have water and a few Clif Bars in my bag. When you are running from casting to casting it is hard to make time for a decent meal.

What is your go to Off-Duty Style?
I love my Suede SL Wyatts, black washed jeans, Timo Weiland button down, and a Moto jacket all topped off with some tortoise shell sunglasses.

What would be your advice to models walking the runway for the first time?
The only thing that I would have to say is that your not expected to be anything other than yourself walking down the runway. Just be confident and you’ll be great.

What kind of Impression do you want to make?
I want to make a impression that causes me to be seen as more then just another model. I want to be seen as someone who took what was given to them and made the most of it in the time allotted to me. The more I can learn from this life experience to more I can bring to the next.

Images Courtesy of New York Model Management