Moncler 6 Moncler Noir Kei Ninomiya Collection


6 Moncler Noir Kei Ninomiya Collection

6 Moncler Noir Kei Ninomiya relies on repetition, modularity and geometric abstraction as creative tools. Though technicality and complexity lie as the core inspiration behind his collections, Noir constructs silhouettes which are both easy-to-wear and functional for the consumer.

Blousons, skirts, dresses, parkas and jumpers are the building blocks of the Noir look, which is invariably black and anchored to the ground by sturdy shoes. Dark, geometric shapes and silhouettes as well as bold architecture summarize the strong visuals of this collection. Aggressive romanticism comes into play through strong yet feminine outlines – resulting from an industrial-driven methodology motivated by sophistication and couture-like craftsmanship. Pieces from this season’s collection work with an assemblage of many replications consisting of small compartments, held together by miniature metal rings. Ultramodern fabrics such as high-tech nylons, laqué nylons, dolmias and leather are used, while the duvet takes on forms both padded and flat. Petals swarm and multiply on small bombers and long gilets. Punk romanticism once again manipulates the feel of the collection through studded flowers and garlands that add on to its technical dexterity, as the usage of chains give the all-black line up a dramatic punch. Cylindrical elements provide components to be hand-woven into prominent outerwear, and ultrasonic logos contribute new textures on both wearable items and small bags.

6 Moncler Noir Kei Ninomiya is available from May 9th in Moncler boutiques,, and in selective wholesale networks worldwide.