Moncler x Craig Green

Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Moncler x Craig Green Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Craig Green with Photographer Dan Tobin Smith

British designer Craig Green unveils a visionary new campaign celebrating his recent collaboration with Moncler. Green himself worked as creative director on the campaign, with Dan Tobin Smith handling photography.

For the new collection, Green brings his signature sense of intellectual, practical design to lighter Moncler outerwear staples geared toward the season of summer adventure. For Smith’s photographs, he also developed kite-like, wearable sculptures. Falling somewhere between Da Vinci flying machines and deconstructed samurai armor, they expand on the spirit of the collection.

Tying the collection together is a new monogram that Green designed for Moncler. This ambiguous, rune-like symbol was then brought back into nature by being transformed into a functional raft. Three different versions of this strangely beautiful vessel were created by Green and Moncler, and they form the centerpiece of the campaign.

The imagery treats us to mesmerizing drone footage of these rafts as they travel across shifting seas. As we watch dark waters churn around this man-made vessel – its design drawn from symmetrical structures in nature – we are filled with a sublime sense of the awesome majesty of the natural world, and we also recognize an artful consideration of our place within it.

In keeping with the innovative spirit behind Moncler’s collaborative Genius series, the campaign feels like a brilliant homage both to the natural world and to the power of design. Green’s work in creating and capturing this raft – both an art piece and a functional tool – embodies the humble act of listening to nature and hearing what it has to teach us. More than ever we recognize the importance of nature’s restorative power, and Green has found a stunningly visionary way to communicate it.

Craig Green Creative Director | Craig Green
Photographer | Dan Tobin Smith
Props | Megaflatables
Product Services | Rob Flowers
3D Designer | Phoebe Morris
Music | Frédéric Sanchez

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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