Moncler Genius Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Moncler Genius

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign for Capsule Collection by Simone Rocha

Moncler Genius’ latest collaboration is with designer Simone Rocha, and the collection is brought to life in a surreal short film.

While Moncler’s main focus is on outerwear, they are perhaps better known for frequently collaborating with unexpected artists and designers. Moncler Genius is an ongoing project which celebrates this legacy through a series of special collaborations with artists that the brand considers truly visionary.

The latest talent to be tapped is Simone Rocha, a young designer who already has several major awards under her belt and is showing no signs of slowing down. At once celebrating and transcending her Irish and Asian heritage, Rocha continues to show the world what it really means to have the mind of an international designer. She also explores immersive and alternative retail experiences for the physical storefronts of her own brand – no doubt this commitment to originality of expression caught Moncler’s eye.

Directed by Petra Collins, the short film which forms the collection’s ad campaign centers around a surreal performance at a mysterious ballet school. It feels heavily inspired by the films Suspiria and Black Swan, both of which used the rigid beauty of ballet to explore psychological horror. Dynamic camerawork and vintage film capture a group of young women as they plié and pirouette, churning up an intoxicating mix of innocence and seduction, romance and paranoia. Music from Mozart’s Requiem perfectly fits the mood of ominous grandiosity, which in turn perfectly fits Rocha’s darkly ethereal and romantic designs.

Aptly amplifying the voices of the collaborators that inspired it, the campaign succeeds through a perfect realization of mood. The film feels like a direct response to Rocha’s designs, and so it is exquisitely cohesive. As an art form that is distinctly physical and collaborative, dance perfectly harmonizes with the spirit of collaboration behind the campaign. Though it has its inspirations in horror, we are perfectly pleased to see Moncler Genius dancing away.

Film Director | Petra Collins
Director of Photography | Ruben Woodin Dechamps
Stylist | Robbie Spencer
Hair | Alex Brownsell
Makeup | Nami Yoshida
Casting Director |
Set Designer | David White
Choreography | Clod Ensemble
Production | Pundersons Gardens

Fashion Writer | The Impression