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Continuing their commitment to Milan, Moncler opened a flagship store at 1 Via Monte Napoleone. Located in the heart of the city’s fashion epicenter, this store space holds the spot for the largest single brand boutique in the world; complete with 4 floors, being in total 800 sq. meters in surface area, with 550 sq. meters of it being dedicated to selling space.

Thanks to the work of long-time brand partner, French studio Gilles & Boissier, the brand was able to continue their signature design and style that has represented the Moncler interior aesthetic around the world.

The ground floor features a hallmark technique, known as Risseu, in which stones are laid in a geometric pattern. This craftwork was used to cover the floors and walls with textured small, smooth black and white pebbles. The furniture in the store features an array of finishes, blending materials such as leather and marble. A spiral staircase links the 4 floors together and is a combination of black metal with Montecristo marble.

Boiserie paneling, a key theme that is featured in all Moncler boutiques, is taken to a new level at this location. On the first floor, which is dedicated to the women’s collection, the honey-color oak wood paneling features gilded picture frames. On the second floor, where the men’s collection is housed, is a more masculine feel with black being the common denominator, evoking the mysterious urban appeal of Milan. The boiserie paneling is also black, in crisp contrast with the camel-colored ceiling, as is the mosaic of smooth black stones used in the Risseu decorative effect. The overall effect ensures the garments on display are the stars of the show.

Opening Event Atmosphere

1 Via Monte Napoleone
20121 Milano MI, Italy

+39 02 7634 1316

Mon. – Sun. 10:30am – 7:30pm

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