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Moncler’s Intergalatic B-Movie Inspired Moonray Film


To go along with their Fall 2017 campaign Moncler released an intergalactic short film inspired by old school B-movies entitled Moonray. The film is directed by Golgotha and is shot in the campy, retro-futuristic style of classic low-budget alien/sci-fi films of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Moonray has an undertone of irony and satire playing with the idea that even extraterrestrials just want some stylish Moncler jackets in their lives.

The film begins with a Star Wars-esque introduction with a brief summary of the context of the film scrolling down the screen. We follow a pair of heroes called Galactic Gurl and Starboy as they explore the frozen planet of Glaglax while clad in their space-ready shiny silver Moncler jackets. During their exploration they are confronted by an alien from the darkest regions of the cosmos wielding a “Style-Swapper” ray gun with the intent of taking their Moncler jackets. The battle for impeccable interstellar style ensues with humans vs. aliens and only one race can emerge victorious.

Overall Moonray is a very entertaining and unique take on the art of fashion film and its themes and aesthetics fit the styles and looks perfectly. The jackets are the true stars of the film and they genuinely look like they could be worn by some space explorers in an old school sci-fi movie. The film works really well and achieves the perfect balance of being a fun and distinct film while also being an excellent showcase of new looks and styles for Moncler.




Art Director | Régis Tosetti
Director | Golgotha
Starring | Alina Bredova, Alexis Petit, Mael Prince
Director of Photography | Nicolas Vazquez
Assistant of Camera | Cédric Autier
Post-Production | Golgotha
Video Production Manager | Aurore Forgeard
Video Production Director | Paul Karam
Set Design | Jean-Michel Bertin
Original Music & Sound Design | Victor Tricard
Stylist | Margaux Doiteau
Hair & Makeup | Loriane Leger
Body Painting Artist | Kate Mur
SFX Body Painting Artist | Laetitia Bech
Head of Production | Sébastein Peretto
Producer | Jean-Christophe Clement
Editor & Colorist | Antoine Ravache