Moncler Names Gino Fisanotti As New Chief Brand Officer

After a Successful Stint as Leader of Marketing at Nike, Fisanotti Steps Into the Newly Created Role at Moncler

Gino Fisanotti

Moncler has tapped Gino Fisanotti to take on the company’s newly created role of Chief Brand Officer.

In an ever-changing business environment, it is increasingly critical to be able to maintain a relevant brand identity that resonates with the spirit and values of contemporary consumers. Brands must expand their focus to include creating experiences beyond products, building a community, and continuing to stand for a powerful and authentic purpose. The recognition of this shifting landscape led Moncler to create the new position of Chief Brand Officer, which will address the brand architecture, strategy, and storytelling to maintain a unified brand identity and customer experience across all channels as the brand moves forward.

Fisanotti steps into this role at Moncler after working at Nike for 23 years, rising from retail and marketing roles in South America and Europe to Global VP of Sportswear, and North American VP of Marketing. Most recently, he served as Nike’s first ever Brand Creative Officer. Fisanotti led and contributed to some of the most iconic and awarded Nike marketing campaigns, new digital platforms, and brand experiences, as well as to new product concepts and collaborations.

Due to his professional background and strong brand building knowledge gained during his extensive international career, Gino is the ideal candidate to support me in shaping Moncler’s further development towards a consumer culture company driven by purpose, experience, and a sense of community, while drawing inspiration from different worlds including entertainment, sports, art, and music. Together with Gino, we will continue to push cultural and creative frontiers beyond fashion and beyond luxury

– Remo Ruffini, Moncler Chairman and CEO

Fisanotti’s responsibilities at Moncler will include strengthening the connections between creativity, collections, product categories, and communications to enhance the brand’s customer experience from a multichannel perspective. He will report directly to Remo Ruffini, Chairman and CEO of Moncler. He will also join Moncler’s strategic committee as strategic director, while current marketing officer Roberto Eggs will assume the role of Chief Business Strategy and Global Markets Officer.

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