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Annie Leibovitz Captures the Invisible Man for Moncler’s Spring 2017 Campaign


For their Spring 2017 campaign Moncler decided to go the artistic and abstract route enlisting the help of Chinese artist Liu Bolin a.k.a. “The Invisible Man.” The campaign was shot by the esteemed Annie Leibovitz and showcases Bolin wearing Moncler’s Doudoune Legere snowsuit in the backdrops of Central Park and NYC’s oldest bookshop. Bolin decorated the snowsuit with body paint to create the illusion of himself blending into these environments and becoming one with the backgrounds themselves.

The French brand continues to push the envelope when it comes to blending nature and urban life, a long-running theme of theirs. Similar to Bolin’s continued portrait series the surrealist theme of transparency and becoming one with a person’s surroundings bleeds through into the campaign itself and raises questions about humanity and our relationship with our surroundings. In a unique step for an ad campaign it’s as though Moncler and Bolin want you to pay more attention to the backgrounds and little pieces of the images rather than the clothes themselves. This intersection of the natural and the urban is always fascinating to witness and we love what Moncler has done with this artistic campaign.



Photographer | Annie Leibovitz
Model | Liu Bolin