Monse Forgoes Runway for Film for Fall 2018 Season

Monse | Fall 2018 Film

Monse Forgoes Runway for Film for Fall 2018 Season

This Fall 2018 fashion season the MONSE girl is back with adventure. The brand’s recently launched campaign is directed by Fabien Constant and features American model and cool girl Erin Wasson. The story follows a female protagonist escaping a difficult, and limiting day of work by venturing into Coney Island after-hours and lighting up the amusement park with her personality.

When asked about the decision to release a film rather than produce a runway show designer Feranando Garcia explained, “ the MONSE pre-collection concept shoots have had great success because with each collection we introduce a relatable #monsegirl in each new location, which gives a whimsical element of surprise and keeps people guessing where the next “reveal” will take place.” Fabien Constant’s eye for capturing the MONSE girl is achieved by focusing his lense on the life of MONSE fashion in the way it is worn by the girl. Graphic designs on sweatshirts, sweaters and tunics against an ugly backdrop of the city – a workhorse job, the nominal routine of public transportation and the cumbersome rainy weather in the New York City lifestyle turns into a magical story of a modern day girl returning to a dated time in fashion, complementing the historic theme park.

Playful, feminine and independent, Wasson wears the season’s frayed boyfriend jeans, oversized blazers, and a deep-cut color blocked knit as her world comes to life while exploring the park. Modernizing designs inspired by 1950s housewife looks, the collection becomes a narrative as for 2017 CFDA designers Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim define “an unhinged 50’s housewife.” As with the clothes, the brand reconstructed this identity.

An empowering story, told through fashion reaches a climax in the moments on the carousel, where Wasson transitions through a number of outfit changes. The camera travels with her, as she dances and twirls among the horses, focusing on design details of paper lunch bag inspired clutches, the ease felt in the collection’s turtleneck sweaters, the statement of a snowy fur snood and coat creates a moment met between girl, fashion and fantasy.

Female rapper and New York native Nicki Minaj, who features as the writer of the voiceover narration became involved after “inspired to write a narrative of a woman who after a bad day was able to collect herself and triumph through it.” Garcia further insights,“ something that must have rung true for the housewife’s of that era… she felt compelled to narrate a personal story of a working woman’s journey to overcome whatever obstacles may be in her way that day. This feeling resonates through a collection that kindles a female empowerment. Supporting the cause, film unites with fashion to engage an audience towards a feminist MONSE label. Garcia shares, “My love for the film industry finally found a useful outlet… the idea that we can continue showing our brand DNA in unconventional ways… to keep everyone excited every season not just for what we show and also how we show it.” In this new fashion season Garcia and Kim continues to keep their label relevant. Supporting culture’s current feminist conversation, the MONSE brand advocates a timely message communicated through film, expressed through clothing.

Director | Fabien Constant
Narration | Nicki Minaj
Model | Erin Wasson
Stylist | Natasha Royt
Composer | Sebastien Perrin
Hair | Michael Silva
Makeup | Grace Lee
Manicurist | Rita Remark