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Moschino x Magnum Unleashes the Beast in 2017 Campaign Film


Magnum ice cream has teamed up with Moschino and supermodel Cara Delevingne on a new ad campaign and short film showcasing the indulgent pleasures of both fashion and ice cream. The still images feature Delevingne and designer Jeremy Scott posing with the Magnum Double ice cream bar in a variety of wild Moschino looks, including Delevingne unleashing her wild side in a tiger-printed pantsuit.

The video stars Delevingne wearing a gold themed Moschino outfit matching the golden hue of the Magnum logo. She fiercely struts down a city street to the rhythm of a cool rock and roll track while indulging herself in a Magnum Double ice cream bar.

Jeremy Scott has always been one for pop culture references and this lens comes through in the form of the “beasts” featured in the video. These little animals were created by famous animator Uli Meyer (known for his work on classics like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Space Jam”) and they star alongside Delevingne and Jeremy Scott in the video performing wacky escapades as they try to get their paws on Delevingne’s ice cream bar. These “beasts” include a tiger reading a magazine called “Magnum Pleasure” with Scott and Delevingne on the cover, who falls over at the sight of Delevingne and her ice cream, and a hip hop styled wolf sporting gold chains, who runs headfirst into a taxi door trying to grab the ice cream.

This wild, fun video is right up the alley of the always irreverent Jeremy Scott as he continues to show off his eye for appealing pop culture references and collaborations. The sweet and delectable campaign allows us to fully treat ourselves to two of life’s greatest pleasures, fashion and ice cream.



Models | Cara Delevingne & Jeremy Scott
Animator | Uli Meyer