Mother of Pearl Launch No Frills Sustainable Collection

Ask any psychologist and they will tell you that the desire to do good, and behavior of actually doing good, are two very different things. Which in many ways describes both the fashion industries relationship with sustainable collections and consumers behavior of buying them.

This delta often also describes the challenge fashion marketers face when trying to show the value around being sustainable when the primary goal of clothing is to look good. The desire to buy sustainable product may be there, but the behavior of committing maybe overruled by another desire. This where Mother Of Pearl and Creative Director Amy Powney come in as the house has launched a sustainable collection entitled No Frills, and a short 1 minute film to communicate about it. The result is what we here at The Impression, believe is the first meaningful film explaining the importance, process, and product behind a collection engineered with sustainability and desirability in mind.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Amy Powney”]

I had this vision of making a product that traveled a minimum amount of miles, uses the minimum amount of chemicals possible, is socially responsible, and it’s organic. Once you’ve got that information, you can’t go backwards.


The film goes on to share how Powney’s roots from growing up in a caravan in Finland with hand pumped water lead to her interest in sustainability. While an average garment travels up to 5 countries before reaching the consumer, the No Frills collection pieces travel 1 to 2. Powney personally traced her supply chains all the way back to the field, from the Alpaca farms in Peruvian mountains to the wool farms of Uruguay, to the cotton fields of Turkey, to ensure the No Frills collection was created with fewer country touchpoint. Reminding us that sustainability isn’t all about organic cotton and vegetable dyes, that it as much about the fossil fuels to get it from place to place as the piece goods themselves. Here the collection focuses on both 100% sustainable cotton and wool.

The film goes on, wisely, to bring fashion into the equation. Adhering to the brand mantra: ‘Serious fashion, not to be worn too seriously’, the film showcases snips from Powney’s Mother Of Pearl Fall 2018 runway looks which were built with sustainability in mind while being showcased in a fashionable setting to create desire.

Filmakers Duck Productions did solid work with the narrative engaging the audience in the journey both physically, rationally, and emotionally. Which brings us back the psychology of why we buy. Sometimes all the stars can align to address the id and the ego with No Frills we believe Mother Of Pearl has done just that.


Mother of Pearl Creative Director | Amy Powney
Filmakers | Duck Production
Model | Taja Fesitner