Motoguo Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos


Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Motoguo Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Art Directors Kinder Eng and Zhong Lin with talent Granny Gin, Zoe Fang, 4Min, Tomi, and Din Din

Motoguo gets weird and wonderful as only they can with a new campaign for Spring 2021. The campaign features art direction by Kinder Eng – who is also the label’s co-creative director alongside Moto Guo – and frequent collaborator Zhong Lin, who also handles photography.

Guo founded his eponymous label in Malaysia in 2015. Originally a menswear project, it quickly expanded into a genderless label, carving out a distinct in-between space of peculiarity, personality, and a raw yet delicate balance of cynicism and positivity.

Bringing together a group of unique and strangely beautiful characters, all friends of the label, the Spring 2021 campaign feels like a celebration of rebirth. Shooting with rich, grainy film, Lin captures these personalities at a decaying seashore, where man-made structures are being reclaimed by time and the waves. The intriguing contrast between the collection’s joyful, almost goofy prints and ballooning silhouettes, and the setting’s crumbling stone and rusted metal, seems to point to a cautious optimism – a new world of freedom rising from the bones of the old.

Drawing on the propagandistic aesthetics of art-film posters and DIY punk zines, Eng’s and Lin’s art direction further develops these ideas. The campaign’s title, “COME TO US, WE CELEBRATE YOU” appears in bold lettering, while a poetic maxim encourages us to see the essential dialectic of positive and negative: “the dark is what makes everything else shine.”

Joyful and strange, brilliant in concept and beautiful in execution, the campaign is a timely meditation on the mutual joy of destruction and creation. Is this an apocalypse, or the birth of a new world? Motoguo has shown us that they may just be one and the same.

Motoguo Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos

Art Directors | Kinder Eng and Zhong Lin
Photographer | Zhong Lin
Photography Assistants | Yuanling Wang, Sherry Liu, and Sarah Liu
Talent | Granny Gin, Zoe Fang, 4Min, Tomi, and Din Din
Stylist | Kinder Eng
Styling Assistants | Joyce Khor and Yenyi
Hair | Weic Lin
Hair Assistant | Winnie Lee
Makeup | Jonathan Wu
Makeup Assistant | Eddi-Sheng Hsu
Artwork Design | Ejin Sha
Literary Text | Riri Tan